The stronger the willpower, the harder the fall

The #1 problem with diets – most of which are restrictive or eliminate entire food groups – is that they are reliant on one thing.


And the thing about willpower is that it’s very, very finite.

Willpower may serve you for weeks or even months, but eventually it fails.

Every. Single. Time.

Have you had this experience before where your willpower flame completely extinguishes and you fall right back into your old ways?

So many of my clients have.

Because it’s not meant to sustain you forever.

Complete lifestyle change. The decision to live differently. The daily practice of commitment.

Those are the things that get you long-term results and change – not willpower.

So, if you’re attempting to jump on any diet bandwagon and you know it’s willpower that’s required to get results, go ahead and just say no now.

Instead, get involved in a completely supportive process that will help you create small daily changes from DESIRE not from the obligation dieting tends to bring on.

And that’s exactly what I do on our 21 Day Empowered Transformation programme. If you’re ready to start living differently, and create long-term results, you’ve gotta join us.

We start March 16th. More info here ->

If this sounds like what you need to make sure you get results and keep them for life, I can’t wait to support you.


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