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When I was in 'Nam

This month I would like to reflect on some observations I made while I was on holiday on Vietnam recently and how this made me consider our lifestyle in the UK, and where we are going wrong when it comes to our eating habits. I immediately noticed how slim the Vietnamese people were and started to pay attention to the types of foods on offer to them. They eat very little processed foods (that is, foods that no longer resemble their natural state), there isn't a Starbucks or a Tesco Express convenience shop on every corner and a grab 'n' run lunch doesn't really exist. Instead they thrive on fresh cuts of meat, wild-farmed fish, vegetables bought from the market that day, rice and they take time out to sit, eat and enjoy their food - even if they are just squatting on the side of the road! Almost everything they eat is prepared in the home from scratch and it made me realise just how lazy modern living in the Western world has encouraged us to become when it comes to convenience foods. Now of course i'm not about to suggest you all start running off to the local market each morning but for me this really highlighted what a huge impact processed convenience foods has had on the obesity rate and overall health in our country. So for me the key take outs from this would be: - Buy the freshest best quality meat, fish and vegetables you can afford. - Base your meals on these things - meat, fish, eggs, dairy, vegetables and whole grains. - Prepare foods with love in the home and give your body a rest from processed, pre-packed convenience food.

Remember, if you ever feel you've reached a stumbling block in your eating habits, you're in luck because I love talking about nutrition. So never hesitate to ask me for help and we will find a way to overcome any hurdles.


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