It’s all in the mind

You’ll often find me using the phrases ‘’it’s all in your mind’’ or ‘’it’s mind over matter’’ and I genuinely believe this is true. All too often we let our lack of confidence, our clouded self beliefs or our pride stand in the way of achieving what is within our reach. A few weeks ago I went on a 3 day bike ride, where I covered 234 miles with a group of 50 others. Haven't not hit it particularly hard on my bike this year, I was very apprehensive about making it to the end. All those negative thoughts started creeping in, ‘if only I’d trained more’…’what if I get left behind’…’maybe i’ll just do the first 2 days’. But I gave myself a good talking to and remembered ‘’it’s all in your mind’’. I took the ride one mile at a time, one hill at a time and one day at a time. And there it was at mile 234 we rolled in to London and got mistaken for the Tour De France!

We constantly hold ourselves back from achieving more because our minds are tricking us. You can all achieve so much than you think you can so don’t be scared to challenge yourselves, push a little harder and dream a little bigger. With the right attitude and support, you CAN do whatever you want to do!


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