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Autumn-atic success!

I would like to ask you what your goals are for this month? Do you know what you’re aiming for over the coming weeks?

Goal setting is really important when it comes to health and fitness (and in life in general!) as it gives us purpose, focus and motivation. The key to goal setting is to first create a picture of your long term vision. Whether that be to enter a triathlon, fit into size 10 jeans or increase your muscle tone - this is the easy part. The next step is to create a road map of how you are going to get there. It’s easy enough to say ‘I want to lose weight’ but how are you going to do that? A succession of specific mini goals, working up towards your long term goal is critical to getting you there. Remember a goal without a plan is just a dream! If you’ve lost sight of your goals or need some help creating some, simply let me know and we can create that plan.

Fitness Instructor

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