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Breaking the plateau

At this time of year I hear a lot of people saying they feel like they're going in to hibernation mode. And this is exactly what our bodies do around this time. Historically, people and animals start to slow down and hibernate during the Autumn and Winter, to conserve energy and stay warm. And this is still true today, which is why it can often be harder throughout the colder months to lose weight and also find motivation to get out and exercise. In the Spring and Summer our bodies are geared up to shed fat to keep us cool. This seems a little unfair right? This leads me on to the subject of plateaus and how to break through them. First, let's define what a plateau is. This is when you follow your exercise and lifestyle regime meticulously but you aren't getting the results you previously experienced, whether this be weight loss, fitness or strength gains. But with a few tricks there are ways we can get your body responding again. My tips for plateau busting..

  • Increase your number of exercise sessions per week. Adding just 1 more can do the trick.

  • Change the type of exercise you're doing. For example, if you usually take long runs, swap it for hill sprints. Or switch your kettlebell class for a boxercise class. You need to change your exercise every 4-6 weeks and this is how I programme my clients training.

  • Keep a food diary. When you can see on paper everything that you're eating, it's easier to identify bad habits.

  • Create more variety in your diet. Try some new meals or shop in a new supermarket to encourage you to buy different foods. Even better, start shopping at your local butcher, deli or green grocer.

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