Christmas - How to maintain, not gain!

At this time of year I see people almost resign themselves to the fact that they are going to put on weight. And understandably so when everywhere you turn there’s a glass of mulled wine being poured, someone shoving a mince pie under your nose and granny popping open another box of Quality Streets. And that’s all before Santa has even come down the chimney. But this year I am campaigning for ‘Maintaining, not Gaining’ with my best Christmas survival tips.

Amy’s tips for Maintaining, not Gaining…

  • Remember that Christmas is one day of the year, not the whole month. So treat yourself on Christmas day and maybe Boxing day, but keep the rest of month on track and you’ll barely notice a difference.

  • Leave advent calendars to the kids - how old are you now?

  • Start Christmas day with a healthy breakfast to reduce snacking later on. How about homemade buckwheat pancakes with smoked salmon and poached eggs? Delicious!

  • At Christmas lunch, eat until you are 80% full and then put your plate in the kitchen. It’s no fun feeling like a stuffed turkey and slipping in to a food induced coma by 3pm.

  • Confront your inner voice which says ‘one more won’t hurt’ or ‘now I’ve started I might as well carry on’. All those little bits count and add up quick, so eat mindfully.

  • To limit your sugar consumption at parties, choose between alcohol or dessert, but not both.

  • Avoid mulled cider or wine, it can contain as much sugar as a can of Coca Cola. Opt for standard red wine and drink a glass of water between drinks.

  • If you’re drinking alcohol, never drink on an empty stomach or you’ll end up on a blood sugar roller coaster. Have a handful of raw nuts first.

  • Increase your volume of exercise rather than reduce it as your ‘on holiday’. Grab your training buddy and head to the gym or book extra sessions with your trainer.

  • Get out for a family run or bike ride on boxing day and clear the cobwebs from Christmas Day.

Christmas Pudding

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