Keeping the pounds off on holiday

You’ve worked hard for weeks (or maybe months) in preparation for feeling fantastic on your summer holiday and the last thing you want is to come back, feeling sluggish and like you’ve taken a few steps back. Of course when you go on holiday you want to spend some time kicking back and relaxing with your friends and family, which includes enjoying some of life indulgences, but we have some easy tips you can follow to ensure you don’t pile on the pounds while you’re away.

  • The first tip (as it’s the most important) is to decide on a ‘treat budget’ before you go away. This will depend on how committed you are to your fat loss goals. Very committed would be 1 treat every other day. Moderately committed would be 1 treat every day. We wouldn’t recommend having more than 1 treat per day.

  • Be as physically active as possible. Just 20 minutes of high intensity body weight workouts are great for holidays and will keep your fat burn on. In addition, include plenty of long walks, bike rides and sight-seeing to keep your body moving and using energy.

  • Drink lots of water to stay hydrated (2-3 litres per day), and even more if you are drinking alcohol too.

  • Get lots of sleep! Sleeping is fat burning and hormone resetting time. Lots of sleep and relaxation on holiday will do your hormones wonders. A healthy fat burning body is a hormonally balanced body.

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