Bristol's Best Personal Training Studio build: Week 2

We've just come to the end of our second week fitting out our new premises and everything is coming along nicely!

I started off the weekend with an interview at BBC Radio Bristol, with Laura Rawlings standing in on the Dr Phil Hammond show. I was totally nervous and excited talking about my personal story in to the world of health and fitness, and spreading the word about the new Empowered Fitness studio. If you didn't catch it, listen again right here on the BBC website.

I was then in for a long weekend of wallpapering!

What do you think of our main training area with brick effect walls?? Funky or what!

Building work continues in our changing rooms. I know they don't look like much just yet, but soon enough we will have 2 spacious showers occupying the far end in this room. Squint a little bit and you can just about see them already!

We've also started work on a cosy little consultation and assessment area, where you can come in and take a comfy seat with your personal trainer. More piccies coming soon on that one!

Tomorrow will have plenty of excitement in store for us as we have a HUGE delivery of equipment arriving, so I will be busy unpacking boxes, putting things together and working out the finer details of our layout plan. Squat racks, rower machines, plyo boxes and kettlebells here we come!!

Learn more here --->

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