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Personal trainer tip: How to workout when you really don’t want to…

We’ve all been there, you went to bed or woke up with good intentions to do exercise but when it came down to it, you really didn’t want to. We’ve all been there (even me as a personal trainer – and I love exercise!) But we all have those days, weeks, or months when you’re just not feeling it, even though you know deep down you really should.

So here are our tips to teach yourself how to make working out a part of your day:

Tip #1

Schedule exercise in your diary as if it were an important appointment with yourself. If you have a set time that you do your exercise, it’s much easier to get in to a routine and make it happen.

Tip #2

Do your exercise first thing in the morning. Get up and make exercise your first port of call. Getting it done in the first hour of your day means you won’t be able to spend the rest of your day talking yourself out of doing it.

Tip #3

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to commit to a whole hour of exercise. Many of our workouts at Empowered Fitness are MUCH shorter than this. And we do this for good reason. If you’re working out alone and you’re battling with excuses, just commit to doing 10-15 minutes at first and see how you go. Often you will find you’ll get in to it and finish the whole thing. Remember you will feel so much better afterwards with all those feel good endorphins in your body.

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