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Your summer body starts now!

While we’re definitely not fans of any form of crash dieting, or only looking after your body while your fleshy bits are out during the summer, we totally understand that with the warmer weather comes a certain amount of fear and nervousness to start revealing our ‘bits’ which have been so nicely covered up all winter.

It’s our job (and passion!) to get people feeling great about their body and to let these worries become a thing of the past. Basically, if you follow our advice from here on in, you will NEVER have to worry about the summer time fear EVER again. So here are our top tips to making long lasting lifestyle changes to achieve a flatter tummy, firmer bottom and slimmer arms - all year round!

#1 Ditch the fad diet

The thing is, ‘diets’ don’t work in the long term. Ever. Whatever miracle diets, shakes, pills and potions are promising you amazing instant weight loss results, the end result is always the same. Once you stop doing it (which you eventually will once you become bored, hungry and low on energy) you will regain all the weight, and perhaps more. Finding a plan which is an enjoyable lifestyle to live by in the long term is key.

#2 Avoid sugar and alcohol

Removing sugary junk foods and alcoholic drinks is a huge quick-win for losing fat and getting a flatter tummy. Watch out for hidden sugars in processed food and remember that alcohol completely blunts fat loss.

#3 Eat more protein

Increasing your protein intake will help to keep you full and help your body to lose fat rather than muscle. The more muscle you keep hold of during weight loss, the less likely you are to plateau or get rebound weight gain.

#4 Eat more veggies

Veggies contain lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals which fill you up and allow you to eat plenty of food without adding lots of calories.

#5 Weight training

Strength training or high intensity weight training is going to be your quickest (and most fun!) route to a great summer body. Resistance training helps to sculpt muscle, and when combined with high intensity, helps you to strip fat like crazy. It also has the benefit of suppressing appetite, whereas long sessions of cardio do the opposite.

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