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Personal trainer tips: 7 Ways to measure to progress without using the scales!

It’s easy to get a little obsessed with weighing ourselves on the scales. The issue with that method is that it doesn’t take into account that you will be maintaining and hopefully building more muscle when you follow an exercise programme! If you’ve gained muscle, your overall weight may be up, but your body shape could be completely different. Constantly checking ourselves on the scales is no fun and can encourage a negative relationship with your body.

Your body is amazing and can do amazing things so below we’ve got some great tips on how to measure your success without using the scales!

1. Your clothes: If you’re finding a particular dress or pair of jeans is slipping on a bit easier, great! This shows that your body shape is changing.

2. Receiving compliments: Are friends, family or colleagues complimenting you on how great you're looking? Don’t ignore these compliments, it’s a sign you are doing well.

3. Lifting weights: Are you lifting heavier weights in the gym? Fantastic, this means you are building more muscle and getting stronger and healthier, keep it up!

4. Taking photographs: Don’t worry, you don’t have to share them with anyone, but photos are a great way to measure your success. Take a pic in the mirror once a week and watch your physique change.

5. Making the right decision: Are you making healthier choices at home or when you’re out with friends? Choosing nutrient dense foods instead of junk food? Well done, this is a great sign that you are moving in the right direction.

6. Eating more and not gaining weight: This is great and means you are creating a healthier relationship with food.

7. Most importantly, how do you feel? Do you feel stronger, healthier and happier? Isn’t that one the best gifts you can give yourself? Keep a diary of how working out and eating a healthy diet makes you feel. It’s great to look back at on those days when motivation is slipping.

If you would like more tips and support on creating a healthier and happier life for yourself, get in touch with us on 0117 403 7600 or email for your free consultation.

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