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Personal trainer tips: Food preparation and eating on the road

In today’s society, we live at such a high pace we rarely leave time to think about food and making wise choices, especially when we’re rushing from meeting to meeting, or at home after a busy day at the office. This is where food preparation can be a diet saver!

We live in a ‘on the go’, ‘grab what you can’ mentality, yet this is not the only option. Grabbing food on the go often leaves us with reckless food choices and could be detrimental to all the hard work you are putting in in the gym!

Food Preparation

There are several ways and means to prepare your food, including:

  • Pre choosing snacks, e.g. protein bar, vegetables or fruit (they will stay fresh throughout the day)

  • Cooking larger portions and keeping the leftovers for lunch/freezing

  • Planning meals for the week

  • A Sunday cooking session for the week

  • Get those Tupperware boxes ready (we all know you can never find the right lid for the container)!

Benefits of food preparation

There are countless advantages to food prepping, here are just a few:

  • Less temptation to cheat on your nutritional plan

  • You’ll eat more vegetables

  • You’ll consume fewer empty calories

  • You will make better choices

  • You won’t have to think about food choices as much

  • You can save money

  • Portion control

In the beginning, food prep can seem daunting and a big task, but start with small steps. By simply washing/chopping fruits and vegetables, making a trail mix, or hard boiling eggs for snacks, these can all help to start off this habit.

A great place to start is to recognise a time of day when you really struggle with hunger, energy or cravings, and prepare food for this time. Once you’re accustomed, pre-cook chicken or steak to eat throughout the week. Then you can progress to cooking a batch of brown rice or quinoa and split it up into portions. Each time, increase the amount you prepare until before you know it, you have formed a whole new habit that is healthier for you, and fits in with your lifestyle.

Remember, you don’t have to prepare whole meals at once. By creating a meal plan for the week and highlighting foods used regularly or that are time consuming to prepare, will ensure you are prepping effectively. There is no specific right or wrong way to food prep, so find a way that fits your schedule.

Take this by step by step. This is a lifestyle change to help you, so make sure it works for you.

Good luck!

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