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Personal trainer tips: How to motivate yourself to exercise in winter...

With Christmas and New Year well behind us, and the January blues in full swing, motivating yourself to train and eat well can be a challenge! But there is no need to let the excuses win and knock you off track, here are some resolutions to the most common deterring factors:

It’s too cold or dark

Dress appropriately: there’s no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing choices. Invest in some winter gear such as gloves, hat, tights, jackets and high visibility clothing if you will be out during the dark hours. You will be ready and prepared for those cold mornings and evenings, and the cost will be offset by the fact you can train more! Make sure you warm up inside, go through a basic warm up routine before heading out and your blood will already be circulating, you’ll be warmer and you will be ready to go.

If it’s too dark outside you can do a home workout. There are plenty of options with and without equipment; your personal trainer can put a programme together to suit your needs.

Find a friend to workout with. You are much more likely to get up in the morning or get off the sofa in the evening if you know you have a friend ready and waiting to train with you, it makes you accountable.


Your motivational goals may differ slightly between the summer and winter, but this doesn’t mean you can’t set yourself goals to get your through. Use mini goals to keep you on track. They can either be completing a certain number of miles in a week, number of workouts or steps per week, or improvements in strength. These will keep you focused. You could also write a 12 week plan for a longer term goal: write it on your calendar and follow it. If you need help deciding what is appropriate and realistic you can always ask your personal trainer.

Remember what works for you; whether it is working out in a group, setting targets, goals, or a competition. Everyone is different, so make sure you figure out what motivates you and use it to your advantage.

Craving ‘comfort food’ in the winter months

Not everyone enjoys eating salads and smoothies during the colder months and that is absolutely fine. However, this doesn’t mean you need to fall back into old habits of eating lots of carby foods that make you really bloated. Soups and stews are really easy to make and are a good hearty meal. You can throw loads of vegetables and meat in a pan or slow cooker and leave for a few hours. Not only do you have a great meal waiting for you but the house will smell delicious.

Get yourself a new playlist

Music can play a huge role in motivating your to workout. Start by picking one of your favourite songs for your alarm. This doesn’t mean picking the loudest song out there to get you out of bed, you just need a song that will encourage you to get up and get the day started correctly. Then you can bring in the bangers! Whether you like working out to heavy drum and bass or 80s classics, make sure you have a playlist handy that encourages you to push hard and get the most out of your session.

There are so many excuses as to why you aren’t motivated during the winter months, but remember there are always resolutions! So find what works for you and make sure you get back on track and beat those winter blues by staying fit and healthy.

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