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The marathon...

When we decide we want something big in life: a body transformation, to compete in an athletic event, to start a business, etc., we often want it NOW.

Frequently, here at Empowered Fitness, we have to remind clients that health and fitness, like anything important and worthwhile in life, is a marathon effort, not a sprint or a race.

Patience, persistence, and perseverance will get you everywhere when approaching big life changes or goals. Urgency, impatience, and inconsistency will, conversely, get you nowhere.

Can you lose ½ a stone in a month? Probably. But 2-3 months down the line things won’t look or feel very good.

More importantly even, things like pain management, habit change, and improvement of health require a longer effort.

It is completely unreasonable to have speedy expectations of goals around transformation.

Always be honest with yourself. Do you give up when the results don’t come RIGHT NOW or are you in for the long haul when it comes to your health?

To have a body you love that stays strong for decades, you cannot race to the finish line, because there isn’t one.

So, the next time you feel frustrated by slow progress or find yourself slipping, remember you’re running a never-ending marathon. Learning to love every moment, even those moments of struggle where we grow the most, is essential to staying on your path.

We’re here to support your marathon if you need it. Drop us a line today :)

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