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7 Rules for Healthy Eating

Today I’m coming at you with some practical info that you can implement right away for better health.

So, without further ado, here are my 7 rules for healthy eating:

  1. Drink water! 2 litres per day is your absolute minimum! I also suggest drinking a full glass of water prior to each meal to prevent over-eating, in addition to drinking a glass as soon as you wake up.

  2. Focus on eating mostly proteins, vegetables, good fats, some fruit, and good-quality starches (like potatoes of any kind). Keep sugar to a minimum!

  3. Never eat in a hurry. Do your best to always eat slowly and in a relaxed state.

  4. Never eat until you’re stuffed – stopping when you feel 80% full is key!

  5. Choose high-quality organic foods anytime possible.

  6. Eat only when you’re actually physically hungry, not because it’s ‘meal time’.

  7. Supplement your diet with high-quality products

There you have it!

Which of these do you do well?

Where is there room for improvement?

Oh, also we have our monthly Lifestyle Lab coming up on 17th October 7-8pm. This month’s focus is ‘Conquering Tummy Fat Over 50.’ If that sounds up your street then book your free entry ticket right here on EventBrite.

Hope you have an amazing day!

Yours in Health,

Amy Oldfield

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