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Do I need supplements over 50?

People ask me this question all the time, and my answer is this: You should try to eat high quality foods that will give you the nutrients your body needs. If you find gaps in your regular nutrition, supplementation is absolutely a good idea. If you're looking for supplementation to help reduce menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, weight gain and low energy, below I have included exactly what I recommend to our clients:

  • High quality multi-vit for women - with high levels of vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and vit D.

  • Rhodiola - this herb supports the adrenals to reduce cortisol production, to help reduce tummy fat.

  • Vitex and DIM - to help rebalance your oestrogen and progesterone levels.

  • Black Cohosh - to help reduce hot flushes and night sweats.

These aren't magic pills though! But in combination with a healthy lifestyle they will help you to feel better and get better results from your efforts. If you think you might need some help, let’s talk about it! If you'd like more help navigating some of these supplements and want expert support for living a fat loss lifestyle at 50, register for my next Lifestyle Lab. We're talking about 'Conquering Tummy Fat Over 50.' CLICK HERE to get your FREE ticket!

To Your Health, Amy

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