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You should take up more space...

Have you ever had the experience of trying NOT to be seen?

Maybe you didn’t speak up when you wanted to, maybe it was trying to make yourself appear physically smaller, maybe it was giving into fear of judgement, or being “too opinionated.”

If you can relate to trying to make yourself smaller in some way – from your body to your voice – I’m here to tell you that you SHOULD take up more space in this world!

You are here to be seen and heard, to create impact, and to speak your truth.

When we fail to do these things and show up for what we stand for, and against, we inadvertently make ourselves smaller. We diminish our significance, and that, my friend, should never happen.

If I think back to when I was at school, I got picked on for being the ‘fat kid’. I never really stood up for myself; I just took the negative comments and name calling, then went home and told my mum about it later. I wish I would have stood up to those cruel kids and made them realise that the reason they were picking on me was probably more to do with their own insecurities and issues, rather than mine.

Can you think of a scenario where you made yourself smaller to make things more comfortable for yourself or for others? How would the BIGGER, more powerful version of you react instead? Which would inspire confidence and get better results?

I’d love to hear about what is coming up for you around this concept. Please hit reply and let me know.


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