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Why are we becoming less happy?

We live in a world that is so fast-paced that our human brains don’t know what to make of it.

Think back 100 years – cars were only on the market the past few decades, aeroplanes were just becoming a think, and TV had decades before it would come into existence.

Life was slow-paced and predictable.

Now, largely due to technology and the internet, we’ve had to, as a species, adapt so fast that it’s actually impossible.

We went from the simple life 100 years ago to receiving an average of 8000 marketing messages every day.

From traditional jobs and gender roles to being on demand in a way that’s almost impossible for us to live up to.

But we do it. We adapt. We achieve immeasurably great things and small miracles daily.

But at what cost?

In some western countries like the UK, it’s estimated that one out of every six people is on some type of anti-depressant.

We’re achieving more, but we’re far less happy.

So, what’s the solution?

I’m not a doctor, but here are a few things I think we can do:

  1. Make time to connect – technology and social media seem to bring us closer together, but the extreme loneliness reported by one of every four Americans and Brits says otherwise.

  2. Exercise – it’s proven that daily exercise will trigger endorphins in your brain, stimulating positive feelings and happiness.

  3. Engage in activity that makes you happy – whatever that is for you – reading, writing, walking, hiking, napping…do it most days of the week…the trick is doing it guilt-free.

  4. Daily gratitude – every morning when you wake up or each night before bed, write down at least 3 things you’re grateful for. This keeps you focused on abundance rather than what’s missing.

  5. Random acts of kindness – donate to a charity, buy a stranger’s lunch or groceries, give to a homeless person on the street, send a written card in the mail to someone... Whatever you choose, random acts of kindness can change your life.

  6. Breathe deeply – anytime you feel stress or anxiety rising, close your eyes and take 5-10 deep breaths, keeping your mind focused on the inhale and exhale each time.

So…I’m curious if you relate to what I have shared today.

If so, can you see yourself implementing one or more of my suggestions to create more happiness for yourself?

Let me know!

And as always, if you’re looking for support with your exercise, one of those critical happiness components, let me know. Reply to this post so we can talk about your needs and get you feeling amazing. Spots each month are very limited, so be sure to get in touch now!

Speak soon,


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