4 strategies for a fit Halloween!

It’s officially the start of FOOD SEASON! With October comes Halloween, sweets and chocolate. With November comes the pre-Christmas warm up. With December comes a month of Christmas celebrations…that all involve food and drink. It’s no wonder the average person gains 7-10 lbs this season! So, let’s talk about a few best practices specifically for Halloween since it’s almost here. :-) I promise that if you’ll put these practices in place you’ll still enjoy October and November without deprivation…but also without an expanded waistline.

1. Enjoy those sweets!

Say what!? I’m sure you’re surprised this is actually my first tip. But the truth is that depriving yourself really isn’t helpful. And usually, it ends up in a binge or at least giving in. Then the guilt cycle kicks in. SO NOT WORTH IT! Just enjoy a few pieces here and there and move on with your life

2. Eat only your favourites. It’s so easy to get into mindlessness when there are so many options available. I’ve said to myself so many times “why did I eat that?!” I’m sure you have too. Make sure it’s worth it.

3. Don’t bring the bag or bowl. If you’ve got a large quantity of chocolate or sweets in your home, just pick a few pieces you can’t live without and leave the bag or bowl behind. This will prevent you going overboard without even realising it.

4. Make your own guilt-free Halloween treats! A quick Pinterest or google search will give you endless options for healthier treats – much better for the entire family.

I hope you found these strategies helpful! Most importantly, I want you to enjoy this wonderful season. Having a healthy body you’re proud of isn’t made or broken by a day of indulgence OR severe restriction. Balance and enjoying life are the most critical things. That said, my favourite seasonal treat is mince pies and they are already lining the shops! Would love for you to share yours with me! :-) And, Happy Halloween!

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