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What do you dream of?

It occurred to me recently that way too many people get to the end of their lives and never live out their dreams.

Whether it’s fear, obligation, resourcefulness or something else holding them back, it makes me sad.

We all have dreams. Every human. Some of mine are:

Dream 1 - To leave behind something great that I will be remembered for in years to come.

Dream 2 - Travel through Europe in a plush campervan.

Dream 3 - To still be lifting weights on my 90th birthday

I think maybe one reason so many people don’t ever tap into their dreams is because they don’t share them.

So today, I want to know... what do you dream about?

It can be anything. Your dream can even stay just between us if you’d like. Click here and tell me.

And most importantly, when are you going to start living out that dream?

Let’s keep each other accountable to dreaming bigger and living those dreams more, ok?

Amy x

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