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Personal trainer tips: It's not that hard, but it's really hard

“Just eat better and get more exercise.”

It really doesn’t sound that hard, does it?

In theory, it’s not.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, or just be healthier and have more energy, the path to get there is fairly simple.

It’s kinda just a matter of doing the work.

But here’s where it gets complex.

In the follow through.

Life is weirder than it’s ever been. We are more addicted to unhealthy foods than ever before. We have an over-abundance of food for the first time in human history, even though people are convincing themselves that we will run out. It’s easier than it’s ever been to get by in a sedentary lifestyle.

So much of the experience humans are having today actually makes something that should be simple hard.

A hundred years ago, healthy food was the only option and you had to move to get through daily life.

Oh, how things have changed!

So, I get that the concept of working out and eating healthy is a simple one, but I also get how hard it can be.

And that’s one reason that I absolutely love my community of clients.

They’re determined and we work through the hard stuff together.

That’s why they’re getting these kinds of results:

  • Our Client of the Month, Siobhan, has lost 6kg of menopausal weight gain.

  • Helen, who just completed her online 12 week transformation programme, lost 11kg

  • Nicole is loving exercise for the first time in her life and has lost 38cm.

If you want to see yourself get those kinds of results, simply let me know. We have an at home 12 Week Transformation programme and people like you are getting started right now. Get in touch to book your consultation so we can get going together.

I cannot wait.

The Empowered Fitness Team

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