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What you need to commit to change

If you’ve ever set out to conquer big goals whether it’s weight loss, committing to exercise or changing your diet, or even leaving a job or relationship that wasn’t making you happy, it probably came down to this one reason….

You had URGENCY.

Because you suddenly realised that the pain of changing was less than the pain of remaining the same.

And really that urgency is everything when it comes to making change.

Change is a painful experience in many cases. It’s something the human brain is designed to avoid.

But when the pain of staying in your current situation surpasses the perceived discomfort of the change, that’s when you feel motivation and take committed action.

Do you have any examples of this experience in your life? I’d love to know!

The Empowered Fitness Team

P.S. If you’ve had enough with your current situation and are truly ready for change, hit reply and book an appointment with me so we can discuss the best way to move forward, with Empowered Fitness right by your side.

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