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20 minute fat burning workout

Try this 20 minute fat burning workout at home. No equipment needed - all you need is a small amount floor space and an attitude to work hard!!

This is based on a training principle called Tabata, which is 4 minutes of high intensity interval training, broken down in to 8 sets of 20 seconds work, with 10 seconds rest in between.

We love these Tabata workouts at Empowered Fitness because they are one of the most time efficient and effective ways to burn fat and build muscle while you exercise.

The trick is to work at 10 out of 10 effort during those 20 seconds to get the best results.

Be sure to do a 3-4 minutes of warm up exercises before you get going, like gentle squats, lunges and marching on the spot, then away you go.

If you love this workout and want to try more of our 'at home' workouts, download our free ebook - 10 Minute Workouts For Busy Women. GET IT HERE.

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